July 24th - July 29th
Leesburg, Florida
Countdown to Camp!

Campers, Parents, and Friends:

It’s time for Youth Camp 2017!

Campers will swap stories of this event for years to come! But there one thing none of them will ever swap - the thrill of attending Youth Camp 2017!

This year the theme of Youth Camp is “King of the Mountain,” based on the classic camp game of pulling down an enemy from his lofty perch! Campers will hear preaching about pulling down spiritual strongholds, so that the Lord Jesus Christ is King of the Mountain in our lives!

This year’s site is Camp Horizon on beautiful Lake Harris in Leesburg, Florida. All youth ages 10-20 should come for the experience of a lifetime! The accommodations are fun and dorm style (bring a sleeping bag and pillow)! There will be many hearty demonstrations of physical fitness! And the spiritual emphasis tops it all- with daily devotions and chapel preaching every morning and evening! Huzzah!

This packet contains all the information you need to register for Youth Camp 2017. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Bible Believers Baptist Church at (904) 260-8370.